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Grumpy Weather

Pst…do not tell anybody!
Forget all those luscious, mawkish, colorful weather apps.
This one is different.
This is special.
This is GRUMPY weather application!
You have never seen yet!

Yeah, there is ALWAYS sth wrong with weather!

– 3 days weather forecast
– Minimal
– Customizable
– Unique
– Based on openWeatherMap

You can unlock different icons to make your widget even more unique…oh, yes more grumpy
You can choose:
+ The Cat
+ Steve the dinosaur
+ Marvin the Yeti
+ Fred
+ more to come…

Only screenshots are censored, application itself is not, so if you don’t like it, just don’t install Grumpy Weather!

If you by chance like Grumpy Weather I bet you will give us a nice (oh God!) review – we need to make a fuss to more people.