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Just Pic One

APP NAME: Just Pic One (alpha)

WHAT: Just Pic One helps you make fast daily decisions.

HOW: Simply ask a question, e.g. Pizza or pasta for dinner?, and upload 2 images to represent the choices, e.g. a pizza picture and a pasta picture. Then others vote (just pick one!) and comment. Question is also shared on your Facebook timeline to get more help from your friends (Optional). It’s the fastest way to get many insights, suggestions and advice.

NOTE 1: Many people say the app reminds them of the Hot Or Not website. It does have similarities but for completely different purpose and interaction, at least that’s the intent. 🙂

NOTE 2: Although still in alpha, this app is fully functional. We really want to get early feedback to keep improving it. Apologize in advance for any bugs.

Thanks for reviewing!

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