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The Wordcraft

The Wordcraft is a new high-scores word search game with 4 game modes and over 170 000 possible words in 2 languages – English and Czech! Simple look but extremely addicting game! Great fun for the whole family!

How to play? Put your finger on the letter and drag it to the neighboring letters. You can go vertically, horizontally or diagonally and the word must contain at least 3 letters! Please read instructions in the game for more information and game rules! Once you want to submit your score press the RIGHT ARROW button in the bottom right corner!

You can choose from Classic mode (every word you create from 4 letters will add new letters, otherwise the letters are removed), Fastgame (no new letters added), Limited (you have 300 seconds to find as many words as you can) and 10 Words (limit of 10 words).

Global and local leaderboards included! You can set your graphic layout in the game menu or during the gameplay by pressing C and L buttons.

* over 170 000 words!
* 4 game modes!
* great fun for the whole family!
* global leaderboards included, you are playing against people all around the world!
* customizable look of the game!

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