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The main concept around TunesFlow was initially to “restore” the cover flow feature removed by Apple in iOS 7, and even though there’re several apps with a cover flow implementation I achieved a pretty cool implementation without sacrificing the image quality and I even was able to enhance it with some cool effects such as shadow (iPhone 5 and above) and accelerometer support so you can see the perspective changing when you move your device. When you select a cover the album detail screen will pop up and then you will enjoy the album artwork under a parallax effect which is specially nice in the iPad for instance, since is like having a real album in your hands (like in the old times, with the LP’s) and then hearing or selecting the song directly from the album. In some way, you could say that right now this app is like a music player nostalgia since everything is focused around the albums.

I have a playlist with the evolution of TunesFlow:

And the youtube video with the latest version demonstration is at:

Latest features about Tunesflow at:

iTunes Link:

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