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Cat Smash

„Cat Smash“ – The most addicting chain reaction Game out there.

Now available FOR FREE on the Google Play Store.

STUTTGART – February 13, 14 – Available today, on the Google Play Store, the game „Cat Smash“. Cool graphics and a matching soundtrack gets chain reaction games to a new level. There has been no chain reaction game like this before.

The game is hard, simple and addicting at the same time. You must crush a specified amount of sweet kiddies each level and all you have is one touch to (hopefully) start a chain reaction and master each stage. Sounds simple and of course you need a bit of luck pass a level but there is also a slice of tactics in the game, where and when to tap and start a successful chain reaction.
The game contains more than 75 challenging levels and there are still more to come.

The app is available on Google Play in all countries today and there is an iOS Version up in the making.
The game is for free and around 10 mb in download. The developer also released a short trailer to show you the basics of this game in under 60 secs:

The app is developed by psiCON, a web and mobile development „one man show“ founded in 2012.


If you would like further information on the game please contact:

Patrick Sieber
psiCON – makes you mobile


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