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Shrubbery Pocket

Shrubbery Pocket is a marketplace which allows you to name a price of the items you wish to buy. Upon stating your offer, the seller will review the price offered and accept or reject the offer accordingly.
We believed every item has a different value with each individual. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Hence, with this application, we hoped that the seller is able to gain maximum profit, while at the same time, buyer are able to achieve maximum saving.
The application is designed in the concept similar to of a shopping mall. Buyers will be able to browse individual shops and place the item(s) they are interested in the basket. Based on individual shops’ items, they will offer an amount they think is reasonable. This offer will be sent to the seller for his review. The amount offered will include the shipping cost, product costs, etc.
All amounts in the application are in Singapore Dollar currency.

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