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Doo Doo Diving

Doo Doo Diving is a hilarious toilet diving game, think traditional platform diving game held in the toilet, dived by a poop, and controlled by you!

Play as Doo Doo the diver, high dive into some of the world’s most dangerous toilets, filled with traps & surprises! Your goal is simple − collect coins & rainbow poopy while dodging from obstacles & enemies during the flight. Toilet diving finishes with the entry into water, and your performance is scored by five poop-loving judges!

Playing with poop has never been easier! Doo Doo Diving was designed as a simple, casual game for mobile devices, there’s little to no learning curve, simply touch and slide to control Doo Doo’s movement. It’s easy to play, yet challenging to master, personalize Doo Doo’s look and stats from 30 ridiculous outfits, 3 different stats – Awareness, Handling and Speed decides how Doo Doo respond in the game, mix and match a perfect Doo Doo that suits your pace and start ruling the toilet!

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