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– In Bottle shot player will be having number of the bottles on the desk.
– A stone will be given to the player.
– Player will have to swipe the stone towards the bottle to break the bottle.
– Once the stone will collide to the bottle, the bottle will be break.
– When all the bottles will be broken from the desk the new bottles will automatically placed again.

– Player will be given some amount of score in each level that player has to achieve in each level to unlock the next level.
– Player will get 1 score after very successful bottle break. And after each consecutive break of the bottles the score will aromatically incremented.
– Once the player will miss the chance to break the bottle, again the score will start from 1.

– To make the game more interesting after some number of levels, the bomb and shield will be appeared.
– Once the stone will hit the bomb, the explosion will be initiated and you game will be over.
– When you stone will hit to the shield, your will loose your sequence of b reaching bottle and your score will again count fro the 1.

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