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The Wa’s Adventures

The WA’s have crashed their aircraft in the middle of nowhere and now they need your help to find the missing pieces and rebuild their craft. The Wa’s Adventures is a Physics based escape game. The mechanics of the ball consist of rolling, direction, balancing, speed and timing to complete numerous levels that include many obstacles. The motion of the ball allows the gamer to feel as if they are moving along with the ball, this is accomplished by tilting the device towards the desired direction.
The object of the game is for the player to complete each stage that comprises of several levels. In order to complete a stage the gamer will advance through each level by pressing a red button to open an escape hatch. Points are awarded based on the time taken to complete the stage with a minimum score of 50 points and for every second remaining, you will receive a further 100 points. The player is awarded parts of the aircraft when each stage is completed.The Wa’s Adventures is complete when the aircraft is 100% built.

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