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Gooboids is a fun and frantic classic arcade style game.

Gooboids are small balls of pure energy, that behave like natural forces in nature. Electro Goobooids behave like an electron, and can be controlled with a magnetic field. You must generate energy by moving your Electro Gooboid around a magnetic field in space. But watch out for other Gooboids, they are drawn to the energy you create!

gooboidsGenerate energy to progress through levels. You generate energy by constantly moving your Electro Gooboid. Your score increases as you get closer to the enemy Gooboids, and as you progress through the levels. Each level adds more to the challenge! You will meet different types of Gooboids as you play, each behaving slightly differently.

Gooboids is not for the faint-hearted! In true classic arcade style, this game does not hold your hand and gets more difficult over time .. no re-spawning .. no retrying, when you die you start again! How long can you survive?

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