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Evil Elf

Santa is having problems with his elves and he needs your help to save Christmas!

evilelfSanta’s army of helpful Elves have decided that they work too hard and Santa is too lazy and therefore needs a swift lesson taught. They have rebelled and taken matters into their own hands. The Evil Elves stole all the presents and are dropping them from the skies.

In this game you are Santa and your mission is to collect as many falling presents which the elves are dropping from the sky as you fly with Rudolph over the cities. Then once you have some presents collected, it’s time to swoop down to the rooftops and deliver the presents down as many chimneys as you can.

However it’s not so easy. The Evil Elves will try to stop you by jumping at your sleigh and stealing your presents! But it’s ok, there’s nothing they hate more than a present thrown at their head!

Join Santa to save Christmas and defeat the evil elves!


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