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A game of logic and concentration – solve the puzzle in the least number of steps or the shortest time.
A grid of tiles, each containing a flippable coin (with inverted color or pattern on the two sides), with an arrow indicating the direction of the flip (horizontal or vertical). When a coin is flipped (by tapping it) it will flip cause its two neighbors to flip with it (depending on the direction of the flip above-and-below for horizontal, left-and-right for vertical), AND also flips its (only its own) direction arrow, so next flip will be in the other direction.
Goal of the game: match all coins to its enclosing tile.
– 3 game modes (difficulty levels):
— Simple – all tiles are the same color
— Checkered – tiles are one of two colors
— Patterned – tiles have 2×2 checkerboard pattern
– 3 field sizes (6×6, 8×8 and 10×10 tiles)
– up to 4 recallable player names (or enter your own before starting the game)
– Hall of Fame – 6 best results for each game size and game mode

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