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AdMob Viewer

AdMob Viewer is the most functional client for AdMob. It collects the most used AdMob values such as revenue, eCPM, requests, clicks and CTR. The application allows you to view the AdMob data in a tabular view and using bar chart. The data can be grouped by days, weeks and months.

admobviewerYou can view summary information as well as the data for the particular application. AdMob Viewer has tab-based user-friendly UI so you can easily switch between AdMob values and display modes. It also can vibrate and/or play sound upon receipt of money. AdMob Viewer is optimized for both phones and tablets and correctly works for portrait and landscape screen modes. Application can store the credentials in the encrypted form. AdMob Viewer can work in background mode with revenue notification.

Supported data types:
– Revenue
– eCPM
– Requests
– Clicks

Supported time periods:
– 7 days
– 30 days
– 8 weeks
– 24 weeks
– 6 months

Supported view modes:
– Tabular data
– Bar chart

To start to work you need to provide email and password. Email is your AdMob email ( or Google email ( Password is your AdMob API password or Google Account password. For AdMob accounts that are linked to a Google Account you can find the API password on the Account Information page

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