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Abrix the robot

Your robot stuck in a labirynth full of containers, boxes and other barriers. Solve thrilling puzzle and lead the robot to the exit!

Abrix the robot will provide many hours of fun for whole family on solving puzzles of more than 80 mysterious rooms. Collect gold coins, detonate bombs, use mighty fire balls, explosive dynamite and many other usefull bonus items. Move your robot with convenient gestures – just tap the screen and move your finger and then the robot will follow it.

Prove that you are an authentic master of puzzles and gain all 32 achievements available in the game.

Create your own rooms in a rooms editor and share them with your friends.

Game features:
– free-to-play game model
– easy and intuitive control with gestures
– rooms are unlocked for EXP points that could be gained for game progress
– should you stuck anywhere, you can always buy some more EXP points with convenient way form inside the game
– over 80 rooms at various difficulty levels from a tutorial through ease, medium, hard to extreme and the final level
– 32 achievements to gain
– time of playing whole game: 20-40 hours
– over a dozen of movable objects
– bonus items: undo, save, fire ball, dynamite, key
– active items: laser, bomb, teleport
– various ground types: lava, water and bridge
– detailed instruction inside the game
– rooms editor – create your own rooms

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