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Steel ABS A6W

The app is based on Weider 6-Pack ABS Training Program, which is one of the simplest and most proven methods to help get the perfect ABS. Based on six easy exercises, performed with maximum performance and efficiency, users will see great results and 6-pack ABS after just 42 days of the program. Here is a link to app:

image019The main advantages of this routine are:

1. It’s great for beginners and for experts — exercises are easy and begin with the basic level, so every beginner can use them but they get more demanding pretty fast, so advanced sportsmen can also be interested in them.
2. It is easy — it is a really easy training set which you can perform almost anywhere. All you need is a flat surface.
3. It gives excellent results — if you want to have a flat stomach W6 is designed just for you. You can see the first effects after just a week and after a whole series it is really impressive.
-Fatboy Studios

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