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iRappU, a start-up that was launched due to developer’s near-catastrophe accident while texting
and driving. The application is available on Android Google Play Market and iPhones, Blackberry
and Windows smartphones will be available soon and hopes its innovative invention could save

When you have iRappU downloaded onto your device, and you have it activated, it will send out an automatic, hands-free, response to anyone who is calling or texting you during your activation
period. iRappU needs to be shared with everyone in your phonebook contacts because it works
within its own software network and lets you know who has already downloaded the app.

Brief Description:
iRappU is an innovative instant response mobile application that will automatically respond on your behalf, Hands-Free, to missed incoming phone calls and SMS. It will connect you instantly with
your friends, family or even your co-workers to give them an up-to-date response status whenever
you are not available to respond to them immediately. This app will provide anyone trying to contact you with a peace-of-mind on your whereabouts when you are needed.

Let’s face the facts, there is always going to be moments in our lives when you know that you are
not going to be available for a period of time to either respond to a text or a phone call. What
happens when you don’t pick up or respond to the text? The sender gets anxious. Why didn’t they pick up? Are they avoiding me? Is everything fine? iRappU is the answer to your questions.

For more info about iRappU, check out and also our link on the Google Play.

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