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60s70s – Sound of Vintage

60s70s is a music player application that designed to give the user experience like playing a real vintage radio, bringing the user back to the retro decade again.

With 60s70s, User can create own music stations or lets the application dynamically choose musics in your device and mix it to a channel of music stations. User can tune to the channel of his/her like by interacting via retro analog radio interface or seamlessly switch to various stations from iOS audio controller.

Tuning for music is the most fun part of our app. To simulate the experience of radio tuning, we intentionally create static noise between the stations which work like real radio noise. Each skin look and feel likes analog radio with unique style and different method of controls, such as rolling knob, touch and swipe the band controller, etc. depended on chosen skin. There are currently seven vintage skins for purchasing via in-app purchase.

“When I was young. I’d listen to the radio. Waitin’ for my favorite songs. Waiting until they played so I’d sing along. It made me smile. No words can describe how you can feel with this app like this lyric (Yesterday once More – The Carpenters). This is the song that I love forever”, said CEO Thanapat Lorsiripaiboon, “I try to resemble an experience that represent my impression of those good old days and here it is. Wishing you love it”

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