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The Electric Game

The Electric Game is an easy and fun way to learn about electronics and green energy. The app is suitable for high school and technical school instruction or as a personal learning tool. The app can be used as a component in STEM education for electricity and green energy. This app includes topics on Ohm’s law, electrical power, series circuits, parallel circuits, Kirchhoff’s voltage law, Kirchhoff’s current law and others. Electrical sources are a mix of AC and DC. Green energy sources are presented in some of the activities. The app is structures as a simple quest game. The pitfalls and rewards of the quest game encourage careful attention to the task.
The Electric Game may be used for personal learning. Those who have no prior electrical training will need to do internet searches to find supplemental instructional materials. Textbooks can also be used. Students engaged in an organized course can use this app to practice circuit analysis skills. The Electric Game is suitable for refreshing concepts that may have been forgotten from prior electronics training.
Grades may be emailed from the app to teachers or trainers . This can be used to report progress by distance education students or trainees.

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