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SOS The Game

Do you not playing SOS The Game? not wait more!

SOS The Game, is a classic paper and pencil game but now in an android version.

In turn, each player can write an O or S in one of the squares. The goal is to complete the sequence SOS, the player who more times gets the sequence SOS wins. When a player gets to the sequence SOS can placing another letter, once you are entered your letter, if you do not see SOS, you can pass turn to another player’s.
Initially the letters are distributed alternately and it is hard to fall into an error and the other is pointing out, but as you are filling in the squares and there is less space, reducing the options are to avoid the formation of words.
A often ends with a flood of consecutive SOS.
The game ends when you have filled all the squares in the grid.
They score the SOS made in Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal.

If you play online, it will raise your score to the global ranking.
Do not forget to share your score!
Play single or versus device. Can you win to the machine?


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