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RV AppStudios Released ABC Spell Game On Market Android

ABC Spell – Fun Way To Learn – Best Game to Learn Spellings for Kids

ABC Spell – Fun Way To Learn

Teach your kids the alphabet, some new words, or even add in your own words you want to teach them. All thru this fun, entertaining and highly addictive game Alpha Catcher! The game is fun for all ages young and old!

What better way to teach your kids, while still having fun! The new Custom Word list allows you to add words you want your kids to learn, for example if you’re teaching you’re kids about animals then add 20 different animals to the custom word list. Now your kids will learn the names of these animals while having fun!

The objective of the game is to click on the correct fish and try to identify the correct letters of each word or sentence in limited time period.

** 4 Extremely Fun Game Modes **

*Normal Mode: One By One Click On Different Fishes With Letters “ABCD” And Continue Till You Go From A to Z.

*Classic Mode: Find the correct letter/sentence on fish and complete the word or sentence.

*Quick Mode: Find the correct letter of each word on fish and complete the sentence. You have limited lives and only 5 minutes.

*Custom Mode: Add your custom twenty words and find correct letters to spell them with limited lives and only 5 minutes.

The learning options are endless, so what are you waiting for? Download this fun game today!

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