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Luminesce is a game that tests your hands-eye coordination. You have to match the orbs (balls) with the baskets of the same color before they leave the screen. Test your reaction time and dexterity with 15 levels of gradually increasing difficulty, ranging from very easy to almost-impossible-to-complete-without-a-miss.

There are three game modes:
– Classic – as described above;
– Co-op – two people can play together. There is another set of baskets on top of the screen that you can use. Co-op levels are much harder than their classic counterparts, so you should not attempt to complete them by yourself. This mode works best on tablets, because you have a larger surface for both of you to move your hands on;
– Versus – two people can play against each other. There are two sets of baskets and two sets of orbs. The orbs of the bottom player are marked with an “X” and those of the top player with a “0”. Dropping one of your orbs on the wrong set makes you lose 15 points. There is no longer a score limit: whoever scores more wins, and the next level is unlocked no matter what. Works best on tablets.

Other features include: high quality immersive graphics and sound effects, rich and diverse levels and per-level high scores.

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