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Photo talks

Photo talks will bring talk and fun to your photos. It detects people’s faces on a selected photo and automatically generates dialogs shown as talk (comic) clouds for the people on the photo. The result is a funny talking photo.

Main features:
– automatically detects FRONT facing people faces on the photo
– automatically generates dialogs suitable for a certain occasion like wedding, party, etc.
– different styles of language can be used (normal, a bit sarcastic/naughty, literature)
– different types of talk can be generated (Talk, Crazy talk, Talk Babylon)
– complete manual control over the final result is possible if needed: edit the generated talk clouds, manually add talk clouds, re-generate dialogs or write your own dialogs
– can use photos from gallery or directly form camera
– share talking photos with talk clouds with your friends and family (facebook, mail, etc.)

Types of talk:
– Talk: funny talk dalogs with preset combinations of talk clouds for selected occasion using selected language style (English or Slovene only)
– Talk crazy: talk dialogs with randomly chosen talk clouds in one language (English or Slovene only)
– Talk Babylon: RANDOMLY chosen phrases in mixed languages (over 20 different languages used)

Languages supported:
– Application UI use English language only
– All types of talk (Talk , Talk crazy and Talk Babylon) can be generated in English and Slovene languages.
– Babylon talk can be generated in: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Spanish and Turkish.

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