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NFC Mobile key

NFC Mobile key utilizes NFC technology to protect data on Android device.

It works very simple. You lock what you want on your device with physical NFC key(usually called a tag) touching your phone with it. After that no one can access your data without bounded NFC key. For example it is very convenient to replace entering your PIN code with simple touch!

Features of the solution:
• Protect data in one or more mobile applications;
• Use any number of NFC keys on a single device;
• A record of all requests for protected applications: unauthorized access attempts monitoring ;
• Possibility to make an emergency call or receive an incoming call even if the key was left at home (the phone is never completely inoperable);
• To ensure maximum protection Master Pin can be disabled, thereat your personal data can be accessed only with the NFC Key.
NFC Mobile Key will protect your device, installed applications and personal data from
unauthorized access with your personal NFC key card!

Android market:
Website with more info:

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