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Kids Animal Quiz Lite

A portable zoo for kids. Gorgeous images and animal sounds

Is there anything kids like more than animals? Well, here is a portable zoo for their learning and entertainment. It has over 100 images (pro version) from animals with their specific sounds.

Kids Animal Quiz was specifically designed with and for young children. It will expand the horizons of your kids through beautiful eye-catching images and amusing sounds of animals.

Since experts have shown that infants are more enthusiastic and learn more from realistic photographs than from illustrations, we have designed this app around gorgeous photographs in landscape mode to make images larger.

Wondering how we do it?

We don’t make your kid go through lists. We throw up an animal and let the kid guess the right name by a simple easy to navigate interface for kids.. Right choice is rewarded with a sound and a visual impression. The player sees whether it typed correctly or not. You can’t imagine how quickly the child learns to associate the right image with its name. The process which starts with guessing quickly turns into learning.

Toddlers learn to distinguish sounds, associate sounds with images and fine-tune their motor skills. But most of all, they have a great time and fun while learning.

Read together while spending quality time or use them in an “emergency” to keep them entertained at a restaurant or check-out line.

Our tapping app consists of a carefully selected list of animals. It allows for simple intuitive navigation. We think this is necessary for kids.

Infants love repetition too. Seeing the same animals over and over helps them learn and allows them to reencounter them often, which for them is hilarious. (We know it can be frustrating as a parent, but they love it).

“Kids Animal Quiz” contains images and sounds of over 100 animals (pro version) including:

Dog, cat, cow, horse, pig, sheep, parrot, owl, duck, lion, elephant, monkey, bear, whale, dolphin, mouse, snake, frog, camel, hippo, squirrel, koala, eagle, bee, baboon, shark, penguin and many more.

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