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Jiggle Juggle Joe FREE

Guide Joe on a challenging journey, jumping from tower to tower, help him to reach his beloved princess, just hoping she won’t slap him like she did last time Joe tried to kiss her!

Jiggle Juggle Joe is a funny platform game with a lot of physics. You control your gummy Joe by tilting, slinging and attaching him to your finger like a snot,in a very elastic way. Higher levels will give you increasing power, when you are good enough you will look like juggling with your device.

Graphics are entirely made of plasticine, this increases the gummy feeling of this game. If you like Angry Birds or Doodle Jump you’ll love Jiggle Juggle Joe!!!


ROLL AND BOUNCE: tilt your phone or tablet to roll on the towers and bounce on jumpers just like on Doodle Jump

STRETCHING TONGUE snakes will catch Joe by his tongue. Drag him with your finger to sling him where you need, calibrating force and trajectory just like in Angry Birds

STICKY FINGER: dip Joe’s tail into the glue to stick it directly to your finger and throw him away

LEARNING TO FLY: flying dragons will catch Joe by his tongue. You can even sling him or control the dragon by tilting your phone or tablet

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