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Hungry Slimes

Hungry Slimes is a simple game in which you should kill enemy slimes that come down on the screen with charged mini-slimes. If the slimes reach the bottom line, you lose life/time based on which mode you are playing. Slimes can also eat each other (merge) to become bigger. This makes them fall faster and makes it harder to explode them. As you continue playing the game, new features are added to make it more challenging.

There are two game modes:

Survival mode: In this mode you have 4-6 fault point. Each slime that hits the bottom line, makes you lose one of them. Once you are out of fault points, you will lose if a slime touches the ground.

Time Challenge: This is a more relaxed mode. You have a specific time period to get as much score as you can. There are situations in which you gain some time. And each slime that touches the ground costs you 5 sec.

Other game features include achievements and rewards. Doing some specific stants in the game earns you achievements. If the achievements are hard enough, they have a reward associated to them. Rewards can make your game easier and you can get higher score by taking advantage of rewards.

The game currently has 30 levels, and we will add more levels during the game’s lifetime. However, it is high scores and achievements that matter.

Soon sharing of scores on social networks is also added to the game.

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