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Slider Cam – Never Miss a Shot

The camera app featuring magical “Timeline Lens”, designed to capture those “magic moments” that you miss by not hitting the camera shutter quick enough. It allows you to step back in time when you miss a shot, rewind the shots or the sections of photographs and take your pick from the previous seconds worth of frames.
Did your photo get blurred? No worries… Rewind the photo to get the best shot
Not happy with your smile in the photo? No worries… Simply rewind your face and you’re good to go!
Capture those moments that your fingers weren’t fast enough to capture.
Replace all your camera apps with just one!

Download app from Google play:
(More screenshot available at Google play store)

CAMERA FEATURES (availability depends on Phone):
● Front facing camera
● Optical / Digital zoom
● Live previews of Color Effects & White Balance
● Camera Settings: Focus Mode, Exposure & Scene Mode
● Flash Modes
● Pick the best shot
● Edit the section of the photo (Circular Marker)
● Multiple Edits for a photo
● Adjustable frames
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