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Regularly helps you keep track of all your repeating tasks. Rather than constraining you with a rigid calendar approach, Regularly leaves you room to be early or late, then adjusts its reminder schedule accordingly.

Regularly features a novel ranking system which allows you to quickly see which tasks are currently the most behind schedule. The tasks are colored according to their urgency, so that overdue tasks immediately stand out.

Use Regularly to log your housework, car maintenance, personal grooming habits, and more!

* support for regular and irregular tasks
* add notes to entries in task logs
* theme customisation options
* adjust notification frequencies
* notification toggle per-task
* expandable, colourful notifications (for Jelly Bean users)
* database backup and restore

I launched my free app Regularly today – it’s a task manager with a more flexible approach to reminder scheduling. I was hoping you’d have some time to try it out, and see whether you’d like to review it on the site.

I’m also happy to receive direct feedback or any questions at .Thanks!

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