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LeeAB Contact

Do you still worry about losing contact info because of phone lost?
Do you still worry about losing touch with your friends when you or your friends change phone number, address or other contact info?
Do you still worry that the contacts in your phone and computer are inconsistent?
Here is the good news for you-LeeAB can clear away those problems for you.

LeeAB is a real cloud contact. You and your friends can stay in touch FOREVER using its “Automatic Sync” feature, all the changes will be updated to other contacts automatically. As a cloud contact, LeeAB combines the addressbook in both desktop and phone efficiently, different interface, same data. Other user-friendly features like “Quick Find” are waiting for you to discover …

Key feature:
1 “Sync” will update your contacts automatically when your friends change their contact info
2 “Quick Find” will help you find the contact much easier by entering any key word of any kind of info (e.g. last three digitals of Phone number).
3 System will send notification Email automatically to your friends when you change your number ,address or anything else.
4 You can define “group” setting, as well as “attribute” setting.

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