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JellyBean Factory

Malta.On March 17th, 2012  Independent game company NeuronDigital announced today that the Android arcade game “JellyBean Factory” has been released for free on Google Play.

“JellyBean Factory” is an arcade game with lots of falling Jellybeans. The user must collect the right Jellybeans in the jar until it’s full. The game features never ending action-packed levels and upgrades that can be bought with coins earned from collecting jellybeans.

Designed specifically for Android 4.1, Jellybean, “JellyBean Factory” is the perfect addition to any Android 4.1 device. Lots of testing has been done to ensure that it works on nearly every phone and tablet, including the new Nexus 7.

A YouTube Game play trailer can be found on this link:

Melvin Zammit

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