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CardSender Pro

Cardsender is aimed at helping users present themselves professionally, without the hassle and expense of business cards. As the name suggests, CardSender Pro allows users to send a business card from their Android phone. Users can choose a light or a dark Holo theme to personalize the app interface and, because CardSender Pro is now available for Android 2.2 and higher, these designs will also be available for users of older Android operating systems.

We feel Cardsender Pro offers an excellent alternative to the classic business card, especially for busy business professionals. Changes to contact details can be made instantly, users can include as much info as they want and you can retrieve the card at any time simply by logging into your email. The versatility of the vCard format means that it can be sent not only via email, but also over Bluetooth or even text message.

We’ve included a brief overview of the app in a PDF and some screenshots. Also, the app is free to download from Google Play:
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