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Briker 2 Free

Briker 2 is a very challenging puzzle game designed for every one who enjoys logic and math games.The free version of Briker 2 offers 38 levels that will keep your mind in shape for hours.The goal of the game is to stand on the golden plate and proceed to the next level.

To move your block you can swipe your finger across the screen or you can tap on the edges of the screen. To change the way you control the block go to the settings screen.

Briker 2 features interesting levels with many types of plates. The plates have special effects on the block.
The wood plates can only support half your weight.
Fragile plates can support even your full weight, but they will collapse after you leave them.
Spring plates will try to push you away.
Finally, you have teleport plates that allow you to access certain areas of the levels.

– 38 Levels!
– 2 Seasons!
– Regular free updates!
– Many types of plates!
– Beautifully detailed background!
– Great Sound effects!
– Great Background Music!

Get it from google play:

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