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AR Magical Battle- An Augmented Reality Game

This game is augmented-reality. All I can describe the game is: “a fantasy battle right in front of your real eyes”. Through the camera view of your devices, you can see horde of monsters attacking your tower. Use your magic, hire mercenaries, and all those demonic creatures will be banished from your screen.

Augmented Reality is not new, but on mobile phones, there are still few casual games created using the technology. There is some hassle to play AR Magical Battle as you have to print the tracking image before being able to enjoy what the game can offer. The hassle is too small comparing to the joy of seeing little monsters dancing around your real world.

For your convenience, I uploaded the Android apk installation file here:

Detailed information can be found here:

Currently, the game can only be downloaded through Samsung Apps and for Samsung Android devices. I will release it on every known market after 30th September and hopefully, by that time, the game is also available on iOS.

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