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Voodoo Skies -Totally different weather apps with skeletons

You don’t need another weather app to tell you today’s weather, the app store is full of them. But with an extensive database of millions of weather observations from thousands of weather sources scattered all over the world we have created a suite of apps that reveal weather patterns in unique and useful ways.





Just released, ‘Voodoo Skies Normal or Not?’ is a free interactive live data visualisation that compares the current forecast for your location to a massive database of previous weather observations for the same day of the year in history.

With just a quick glance you can see the forecasted temperature and rainfall in your location in relation to weather history for the same time of year.

Global warming? Catastrophic climate change? Make up your own mind.
Think it always rains on your birthday? Now you can find out.
Feel like it’s never this hot in January? Fire up ‘Normal or Not?’

With a beautiful and intuitive interface you can simply swipe left between today and tomorrow’s data. Swipe up and down to show temperature and rainfall and touch to toggle the temperature information panels.

Find it on the app store, it’s free:
First in the series to go live was ‘Voodoo Skies World’, a fun and engaging way to learn about our world and its weather, free. Each day of the year we deliver weather facts for cities all around the globe. With ‘World’ you can discover…

When is it hottest in Mogadishu?
What day gets the most snow fall in New York?
What’s the weather like around the world on July 4th?
Where the heck is Mogadishu anyway?
Sure, we could have just delivered you this information but wouldn’t you prefer it themed with an appropriately dressed skeleton? We thought so. Hence all the different weather events also feature a cutomised illustration of our mascot.

Find it on the app store, it’s free:

Next up is ‘Voodoo Skies Where and When?’. Our most ambitious app to date. ‘Where and when’ will allow you to choose the best time and place based on previous weather conditions to hold an event or plan a trip.

Voodoo Skies on twitter!/voodooskies

About the developer
The Voodoo Skies apps are developed by One Reason. Based in Sydney, Australia, One Reason has been established over 8 years. 8years! That’s a long time for anyone, back then the iPod didn’t exist, Lady Gaga was called Madonna and George W was promising that no child would be left behind. We develop custom web and mobile apps of all kinds powered by smart strategy, bullet proof technology & engaging design for awesome user experiences.

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