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Viggle-Watch TV.Get Rewards

Check into your favorite TV shows with Viggle and get great rewards such as movie tickets, music, gift cards and much, much more. All just for watching the TV shows you love.







Watch TV. Get Rewards. Check into your favorite TV shows with Viggle and you’ll get real rewards from brands like Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, Old Navy and more.
Watch your favorite TV shows with Viggle.

Viggle can automatically identify the show you’re watching. You get Viggle points for every show you watch.

Redeem your Viggle points for real rewards or convert your points into charitable donations.

• VIGGLE LIVE: make live TV events you’re watching even better with real-time interactive questions, polls and voting related to what’s happening on-screen
• WHAT’S ON: See what shows are hot and where you can get extra Viggle points, set show reminders and get detailed show information.
• CHECK IN: Viggle automatically checks you into what you’re watching with a simple tap.
• REWARDS: Redeem your Viggle points in the Rewards catalog for real products from top brands.
• CHATTER: Tune into show-specific tweets and posts from the show page and share your check-ins on Facebook and Twitter.
• EXTRAS: Play games, watch videos and take quizzes to get more Viggle points.

Minimum iOS 4.0 and a built-in or external microphone are required.


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