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NavTrack- A State-of-the-Art GPS Navigation

NavTrack is an off board navigation service that turns the GPS equipped BlackBerry smartphones into full featured turn by turn navigation devices. The only requirement is the installation of a very light client (about 1 MB) without any geographic data. Thanks to the GPS location technology, the mobile navigator is able to provide all the turn by turn navigation features: route- and voice guidance, Point of Interest search and interactive maps.
This small and resident application will also constantly collect the handheld’s geographical location. With just the web based program or the mobile app you can request the location of yourself, family members, trucks or all your co-workers. This application can be downloaded with the browser of your device and is easy to install.
NavTrack contains also a number of specialized products to track children, family members, cars or other belongings through the mobile application Finder for Android. More information can be found on the seperate productpages.
NavTrack is a reliable GPS location service for use on your mobile handset. Simply download the app for your Blackberry and you’re ready to go. View your position in real-time using 2D and 3D interactive maps and make calls using the built-in phone menu without switching screens. Developed for you by the global leaders of real-time navigation systems, NavTrack provides advanced technology that helps to ensure your safety and security at home and at work.Use this state-of-the-art GPS navigation on your smart phone and you will never lose your way again. With voice instructions to guide you through every turn, prior notice of your next manoeuvre and an accurate ETA, getting from A to B has never been so easy. Whether you are driving or walking, the NavTrack GPS navigation system and personal tracking app on your smartphone means you can be more mobile with your mobile.Link:

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