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Kast-Share to people around you anonymously

Wondering what’s happening around you, right now? Kast is an anonymous nearby stream that let’s you share your thoughts, experiences, and photos with people around you. Whether you’re wandering around your school’s campus, sitting in a crowded stadium, or jamming at a concert, Kast let’s you find and share what’s happening around you with the people around you.

Kast is an open community and not a traditional social network. There are no friends or followers. No profiles, and no private messaging. Your kasts are broadcasted to everyone nearby, and you can always see all nearby kasts. Use Kast to be informed of what’s around you, and share what’s useful to your nearby community.



To “kast” is to create geographically tagged text and/or image post and broadcast it in real-time. When you kast from a venue, that kast is permanently stuck to that location and is immediately visible to everyone in the vicinity. You can stay up to date on your favorite kasts by subscribing to them, and you can add to the conversation with real-time comments.





Happy kasting!

Link: Download

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