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iOS Programming Language Jumps to Top 3 Ranking [REPORT]

Objective-C is the language used by the iOS developers to develop mobile apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.A survey conducted by TIOBE Index has found that Objective-C has recently crossed C++ in the rankings to get the Top 3 position for the developer programming languages in the world.

This shows a clear indication of dominating iOS developers for the mobile application industry.The report clearly indicates that the new developers are jumping into the Apple’s boat in guaranteed return of profit for their hard work.Having both languages started in the same year in 1983, this seems to be a tale of Rabbit and the Tortoise . Steve jobs licensed Objective-C for his company NeXT which now clearly shows being the turning point for the programming language fame. Since recently the language has seen a jump in rankings from 46 few years ago to 3 after the launch of iPhone and iPad’s around the world.

Here are the rankings of the popularity of the programming languages worldwide:

In fact now the only 2 languages on the top are C and Java in 1 and 2 respectively, although the Java language which is popular with the enterprise applications seems to be on the down hill according to the reports.

Here is a view of the popularity of the programming languages over the years.



This purely shows mobile application development is on the rise relating to objective-C , as C++ is mainly used in high end systems and applications.

This may not be a clear indication of developer count as TIOBE gathers data from search engines and other popular sites for its analysis, like Google,Yahoo,Bing,Amazon,Baidu and youtube. Hence this clearly shows popularity of iOS is on the rise.

For more reports on programming languages refer TIOBE

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