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How to make Money With Android

Android has gained a lot of popularity and market share over the past few years and has dominated the smartphone market by storm. Hence there are a lot of potential for making money with android platform directly and indirectly with a range of services to offer. On an average a fresher in this field would earn a salary of Rs3-5lac in India and seems a promising area for the growth.So here are few business model ideas on how you can generate a good revenue from the android explosion.


1. Build an App and sell it in the market

This is a most straight forward approach for generating revenue from android, but also many developers try to bet on this idea and often don’t get much Return on investment by building a paid  app.Hence this is suitable for a professional with a good development experience.The best method has been the Freemium apps, where 2 versions of the app are developed as a free and paid version and has proved profitable than a individual free/paid app.

2.Build a free app with Ads

Free apps are embedded with ads from Adsense mobileAdmob, etc , but unless the downloads are really high, marginally less profit can be made. Hence this is suitable for a absolute beginner and newbie and so you can build your skills overtime to develop paid apps.

3.Build a free app, but sell the customizations and plugins.

Build a free app to gain a lot of user base and when the customizations or services are required by the user, the user may buy the features from the app service.This is kind of like a freemium version where the app is given for free and its services are made premium, and this is a better method of making profit by building apps just as a premium version. Eg :Spotify, Angry Birds

4. Build customized android apps for clients

The outsourcing of android apps is a good profit area where the big companies or clients ask for certain customizations and apps for their organisation and hence involves a good amount of profit  in return.

5. Become a Android Trainer

Once you learnt the basics and have achieved experience in developing android apps overtime, you can become a Android trainer and teach trainee’s to build good quality apps.Since the market is currently growing rapidly and demand for trainers are also in a hugs demand.

6.Game and App Porting to Android

Porting of current iPhone,Windows Mobile, Java and other phone apps to android are in good demand and pay a good return due to the kind of clients involved. Current game porting revenue is profitably good and requires a good experience in building and porting apps.

7. Develop Cross platform apps using HTML,CSS etc ( PhoneGap,Titanium)

Since there are a lot of smartphone operating systems available and some even very old, the cross platform apps tend to work in almost all of the platforms as its built using the web technologies(HTML,CSS,Javascript etc). Hence companies or clients who require a single app for all mobile users tend to look for cross platform developers. PhoneGap and Titanium SDK’s are the current leaders in this segment.

8.Build a App Generator

There are a lot of website’s on the internet and when each of them need a mobile phone app, majority of them dont have the revenue to build it. Hence by building a app generator for Android (a e.g ePUB,RSS,audiobooks) , you could generate a good revenue by selling these apps.

9.Try building apps using Android NDK

Android developers with a knowledge of developing the critical parts of the app using the Native Development Kit(NDK).

10.Marketing Android apps

Marketing the android apps doesnt require much android coding experience , but marketing a individuals, or a companies app provides overall a good profit for you to earn.

So these were the few android money making ideas that are most common and considered profitable for beginners and professionals.So how do you earn using Android.??.Leave us your comment to share.


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