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GO TaskManager EX- Go Fast.Go Powerful

A simple task killing tool for your home screen of GO Launcher EX.

GO TaskManager EX helps you kill task, free memory, save battery and speed up the phone. Phone examination, a brand new function, can let you easily check your phone status like boot apps, high risk apps and installation packages. It becomes more powerful, more useful and more secure.





Cache is the temporary files generated by applications. Clear the cache will release mobile spaces.

Boot apps:
Boot apps scanning result can let you know the auto launching applications, which may affect your launching speed.

High risk
High risk apps can read your sensitive files and private data, and have network leakage risks.

Apk scanning:
After you have installed the applications, apk files may not be used again. Scanning result can help you manage the apk files in your phones and save more space.

More widgets:
Both standard widget and GOWidget are supported. However, if you wana animation and themes, GOWidget is your best choice. Of course, GO Launcher EX must be installed.
Available Widget Size:
– 1×1
– 4×1
– 4×2(Just for GOWidget)
How to add the Widgets of TaskManager on your home screen?1.Auto clean memory when turn off screen
2.Boot time calculate
3.Support to hide the white list in task killing page
4.Support to hide the system process in task killing page
5.Merged Gowidget and App white list in EX version
1.Fixed restart launcher bug of some special mobile models

-Press the menu button
-Choose the “Add” button
-Choose the “Widget” or “GOWidget”
-Choose the widget you want to add and choose your favorite size
-Then press the “ Add to screen”

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