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Gabi- New Way to Visualize & Interact With Facebook

Gabi is a beautiful new way to visualize and interact with Facebook.It filters your content according to what’s popular, controversial,and relevant to you. Instead of displaying everything in your newsfeed, it only shows you what’s best: the best pictures, videos,statuses, groups, links, interests, etc.
















Gabi is 100% private. There are no external servers. All the magic happens ONLY inside your device. All the social secrets are kept between you and Gabi. So don’t worry! Be happy. Enjoy Gabi. That’s why we built it.

By answering 100+ questions, Gabi tells you everything you’d want to know about yourself and your social network. It lets you know how the stuff you’ve shared is doing, ranking everything from most to least popular. It also tells you things about your friends, like who’s single or who’s sharing the best photos this week.

You can like and comment on all the best content directly from Gabi as you browse. All of Gabi’s ranked answers generate taggable lists, which you can share directly from the app to your Timeline. It’s a social spotlight, highlighting those friends sharing the most popular content.

Gabi is fully integrated with Facebook, with no intermediary servers. All the magic happens right on your device.

Tune into Facebook. Try Gabi now.

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