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Fly Crazy- Ready? Off you go!

Ready? Off you go! Fly as fast as you can through exotic scenery to collect coins and advance through the levels. As a flying adventurer or as an out of control baby, slalom between hippos and pirate ships to capture hidden jewels.

Compare your score to other players. Your prestige level will rise as you advance. Improve your health and speed, and choose the type of hero you want to embody. Are you a hothead? How about a nervous hero outfitted in a wingsuit? As you pass through worlds, store up a maximum number of experience points and coins to construct your hero and become more and more powerful!

Not a second to waste…you’re the hero expected by Fly Crazy.
3, 2, 1, blast off!

– Collect as many coins as you can
– Slalom between obstacles
– Personalize your appearance
– Find out how you measure up against other players

– Earn experience points
– Manage your treasure
– Develop your own unique style of play
– Discover many worlds
– Make it all the way to the top!

Submitted by Lucie Courant






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