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5 Unbelievable Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your iPhone

Ever wondered what weird and awesome things your iPhone can do that you didn’t know it could.Well here are some few things that has made your iPhone more than just your phone today.

1. Measure things

 What could you measure?.Well , almost everything that you can think of. The app called Aim@ does this by pure math and no magic involved as it has puzzled  many people. The app does a great job in measuring your height or even a tall building. Just place your phone strategically as the app says and you can find the approximate number for your measurement.Check out the picture below to get the idea behind it.








2. Scan Documents



This is not much of a surprise, but have you ever tried to get that perfect angle as a scanned document would have. Check out the app called Genius Scan by which you can easily forget about your camera angle. With this intelligent app, the edges of the document are found and corrected to get a proper document view and perfect like a scanned one.





3. Spy on People


The phone that was considered only for calling or texting people can now be used to track your location and movement easily using a variety of apps on the market.Oneof the topmost in this area Find My iPhone , can also be used to track your spouse via the web browser using the apps online service.







4. Measure your Heart Rate

An amazing iPhone app called Heart Fitness has come up with a brilliant technique that actually lets you know your heart rate easily by placing your finger on the flash near the camera. When the index finger placed upon the flash led is illuminated, the  camera checks the reddish color of the finger to get the tiny fluctuation when the heart pumps in the blood to your finger. An amazing idea that actually works in getting the right heart rate.Be sure to check this out.




5. Take 3D photos

This is another stunning feature that lets you take beautiful 3D photos using the 3D Camera . The idea is really simple by using 2 photos to create a image look like 3D similar to our eyes as how 2 eyes gives the object 3D image. Take one photo and move a few distance and snap another photo and this app will combine both to give a 3D like image.





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