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11+ Best iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

When you first buy your iPhone , you probably worry about the apps you need to install first without much idea. So here i have compiled a list of apps that you should have on your iPhone which will make your tasks easier and interesting that you can’t live without.

#1 Facebook

Without doubt the Facebook app for the iPhone is one of the most useful and sought after app in the app store. Keep updated with your friends on the go, post status updates and upload your party photo albums as it happens to your Facebook account. Keeps you easily sync’d up with all the features of Facebook using this app.





#2 Find my iPhone

 The first thing you need to do is protect your phone from getting lost. Find my iPhone is a great app that lets you trace your iPhone in these kinds of situations.The app can also instruct the phone to blast with a sound for 2 minutes in case the phone is buried somewhere in your couch or deep inside.In case if the phone is stolen, the app commands the phone’s data to self destruct remotely.






#3 Imo Instant Messanger

Probably one of the best IM apps in the apple app store. Easy to use interface and a feature rich app , does a good job in keeping in touch with your friends with support for a wide IM services.







#4 Angry Birds

We can’t miss out on the world’s most popular mobile phone game of all time with incredible fun and graphics, the angry birds has taken the world over in the past few years. The game is a must for every iPhone user and takes your free time and  converts it to your fun time.Its fun and addictive , try it at your own risk.






#5 Gmail

The Google’s mail app Gmail is a must for the large number of people relying on its service. It offers almost all the features like priority inbox,spam reporting,archiving, labeling and mail search.







#6 Yelp

Trying to find a local service is a must need for all the people and Yelp offers just that. With reviews from other yelp users , it provides details about the local businesses of restaurants,auto service shops,retail store’s etc.Even allows check ins and photo uploads of your check ins.







#7 Instagram

The popular photo filter and sharing app continues to dominate with its range of beautiful filters which makes the photo’s look great and share it with friends.This one is a must for all the users who want to make their photo’s look retro and share it instantly to their favorite social network.







#8 Words With Friends

Another fun game on the list that lets you play the game with strangers around the world by taking turns whenever you are free.You can even connect your facebook account and play with your friends.It lets you continue the game even in iPad or iPod touch.







#9 Flashlight

This app is useful when you are out at night and need to look out for something .The utility app called flashlight does a pretty good job in providing a excellent source of light from the led flash near the lens.It has a kind of drag button on the screen to turn it on/off the led flash.It does come free but with ad supported.







#10 Skype

With Skype , you can make calls, instantly message or video chat with friends around the world.The best part is you can make free calls all around the world with this app with no extra cost other than your internet charges.So check it out.







#11 Maps

Although this is not as good as android’s google maps, it’s still a great app and does a pretty good job in giving pin point directions and providing accurate real-time traffic data. With built in street view support its a great app for every user and is a must. Even provides walking and public transportation directions.







#12 Tweetbot

This one’s for the twitter addicts and its a great twitter client with lots of cool features and customisations.Although the app is a bit pricet at around $3, people can opt for the  official Twitter app with all the features and functionality here.






So what app you can’t  live without in your daily life?..let us know..

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