With people tripping over themselves to try new games each and every day, more and more software companies are introducing new games. Let’s take a look at the best 5 games of the week

hexCompletely free, this game does not even ask you to make in app purchases, and is offered by Madowl Games. This is a tower defense game and is fairly new in the market, and has been quite well received. Including good graphics, the main difference in this game is that the six towers rotate on their own.

kittenThis is a strategic card game which you can play with two or more friends online. Not only do you draw cards, you also have to avoid exploding kittens at the same time, and have to throw them at your rivals. You can either play with friends online, or even compete with strangers offline. Download costs 1.49 pounds

furyIt is a free game, but it does ask you to make in-app purchases. Although it employs the pixilated style of graphics, it is inspired from the latest Mad Max movie, and has you racing across the desert, fighting against enemies. You get to select your own vehicles, before you kick start your journey for survival from the scavengers of the desert.

chameleonIt costs 1.67 pounds, and has incredible graphics where you have to constantly run, and change the colours of your character so as to match the colour of the ground you are running on. This is absolutely perfect for the ones who like some adventure, and has a simple two button control.

tennisA very simple game, where you just have to tap once when the ball approaches. This one offers tournaments from New York, berlin and so on, and is just one button based, as the name suggests. The app is not free, but in-app purchases are as cheap as $3.