Gone are the days when we had to do each and everything manually. Today, there are millions of taps, taking care of the smallest of things for us. On that note, let us take a look at the top 5 apps of the week.

headspaceThis British app for meditation comes recommended by Emma Watson herself. Extremely simple and quick, each spoken session is designed for ten minutes, and the initial session comes completely cost free with the first download and installation of the app. However, if you want to continue, it will cost you 9.99 pounds a month or 74.99 pounds a year.

bbcBBC has released this amazing app for youngsters preparing for their exams, be it GCSE or their National’s. As the name suggests, this app breaks down crucial information into bite sized pockets, almost acting like flashcards. Not only is this completely free, but great for last minute exam revisions!

samsungAbsolutely perfect for children and gizmo addicts, who tend to get lost in the virtual screens. This app makes use of the front camera to calculate the optimum distance between the screen and your face, and when you get too close to the screen, it gives you a warning, telling you to back up a bit, thereby protecting your eyes.

dictionaryAbsolutely perfect for Smartphone users, this is a dictionary app which takes it one step further. Not only does it also work when offline, but it also translates between a number of other languages like Spanish, German, Italian and more, making your word searches broader. It also has an optimum searching tool, which is quick as well as efficient. The dictionary app is also bidirectional.

googelkeepConsidered one of Google’s best to-do app, this one comes with a whole bunch of extra features. Now, not only can you store a bunch of notes and make a to-do list, but also cross each off when done. You can use a bunch of colours to separate the notes into different sections, among other things.