Thirsty Tomato needs to collect drops of water by Running and Jumping.
To prevent dehydration, the Thirsty Tomato needs water in order to survive.
Please help the cute Tomato and help the world from the biggest problem by stopping the extinction of tomatoes by running and jumping across the level.
Thirsty Tomato like to drink water but you have to overcome many obstacles like mushroom, rocks and trees that prevent Thirsty Tomato from drops of water.
If you begin to play it, you will be addicted to it and fully immersed into the game environment. It’s more challenging and fun than it seems!


*** Google play free game
*** Game for all ages
*** Amazing and fabulous caracter
*** +100 different Levels
*** Clean and colorful graphics
*** Smooth user interface
*** Phone and Tablet support
*** Spectacular music and sound effects
*** This is a very enjoyable and un game!!

What are you waiting for!
Make earth a better world with lot of Tomatoes! fruit and vegetable + water = life!