The Blacklist: Conspiracy is a really cool game with great ideas and will keep you come back  again and again.

The Blacklist: Conspiracy

Genre:Adventure Developer:Gameloft



The blacklist conspiracy story of the game is similar to existing show. Here you have to play double agent working in part for F.B.I as well as the Reddington. Some of the dialogues appear in the game are super and basic honestly it could have been picked directly from source material. In this game you play a hidden object scenario there will be one time items this will take story forward. Evidence will be given in the form of pieces need to analyze. Their is a timer to analyze and spending a star to play one of the ten mini-games. There will be scene like put together ripped pieces of paper like a jigsaw puzzle or look at 4 different film negatives to find the one that’s different. You have to decide whether to hand an important evidence or an actual person over to the F.B.I. or Reddington, allegedly strengthening your ties with one or another. This game is like a real adventure.


There are some things you need to observe like if you incorrectly select anything from mini-games, it doesn’t effect your progress instead it does lead to getting low rewards. Your rewards will be gems, cash and experience. So as you move higher levels your currency and extra bonus helps you keep playing longer and cash is used to increase boosts to find hidden objects in the game and will give you extra hints that makes your combo meter degrade. You can also use these cash in the daily mission once you get around to unlock it. You can even ignore these if rewards that are  not worth. If the level is really hard you can choose take rewards. Gems are always infinite super currency of all mobile games. You can use them to buy energy refilling items, cash and to speed up the lab analysis timers. Totally this is a fun game and I can recommend this game to you if, and only if, you are OK with freemium stuff.