When you search for a game based on your favorite theme , chances are all of you might end up downloading the same game. Thats right, this is a pair matching game with over 12 themes where you can play the theme you love.

Based on the 2048 style gameplay. The objective of the game is to match the smaller pair to get the higher level item till you get the final one. Each theme provides such increments based on their respective items. For example , when matching 2 berries you get a strawberry, then it becomes a pear, next apple etc. The challenge is to not get stuck with the items as you need to keep matching till the end.


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Developed by Accenta Software, the game is very addictive and relaxing and reminds of the 2048 game. Each pair leads to a new item to match with. The game ends when you have no pairs to match. The game is offered in 12 themes of Mahjong , Foods, Gems, Fruits, Cars, Wedding, Homes, Classic, Cake, Candies, Money and Flowers. So you can play the theme you love all day long.


The most fascinating thing about Take Two is the limited or no interrupting ads in the game. The ads are loaded only when you need an extra star moves to play. Also you can change over 10+ languages , so its widely supported to lot of countries and people.

Features :

-12 FREE game themes
-Supports 10 languages
-Limited ads
-Easy and relaxing Gameplay
-Useful Help and tutorials

The game is available on both Apple and Google Play Stores, and we have added the downloads links below. You should definitely try this game and we too loved it.