Square Borne Farm Free Squares loves to explore in puzzles adventure.

Square Borne Farm Free

Genre:Puzzle Developer:By Amanda Linn

The game Square Borne Farm developed by Amanda Linn a Physics based puzzle game Feels like game has inspired from Angry Bird still differs from other features, from introduceing new mechanics and visual style which makes you immersive and keep thrill. All characters introduced in games dance like hip hop.

I love to play a games during my weekends even during my busy schedule,I just take one glance to find some intersting game hit on Appstore. Suddendly I was intrigued to see Square Borne Farm because it was inspired from Angry Birds  these type of games act as brain stimulator and always sharpens your brain with new game mechanics and challenging puzzle.

The name Square Borne Farm is perfect for characters creatured in gameplay which are like squares in all forms animals, birds and Humans. Developer has introduced all characters in gameplay without missing single elements and its a mix of great elements, visuals, physics mechanics overall its the perfect package.


The task of the game is Each square farm animals possesses a diffrent means of helping our friendly farmer by collecting carrots. When you just tap the animals behave diffrently . Like bulls charge forward the farmer across the board and the cats jump to lift the farmer or platform. In addition to the animals Tilting the device can find progress in levels. But some levels are solved easily with a simple titlt, while other levels require both mechanics tapping and tilting (parallel) but sometimes in conjunction.

Game Square Farm animals trying to bring more interesting theme like the level editor gives opportunity you create your own level and share it online. If you love other people’s level design can share it online and play the same levels created by them. So this opportunity to immerse yourself in game and keep you ineterested for long hours.

Visually speaking game has got asthetic design and colors are bright and vivid with reakistic design its real eyecandy for everyone. The characters of all diffrent types wheather its animals or birds that has cartoonis look and fantstic and subtle background with lush environment. The game gives you atmospheric feel Soundtrack is melodius, Animation is vivid with cute cubes. The game also display its specified state up being not strictly linear – you can play through any character randomly . There’s even a bit of flutter as to what you accomplish with the characters at what time, but game also allows you to switch between one charcater to another you can find variety in game.

Square Borne Farm is the kind of game where it will make you frustrated over not solving puzzles, then you will mutter slowly to yourself over how stupid you are that you weren’t able to figure out the small solution before.  This things will  makes so much sense now. Because you need some items to advance at certain points, but fasinates to enough, the game never changes the rule of its level it keeps on repeating on the same just solving every puzzle is unique. Unfortunetly the free version of gameplay will only till first 15 levels unlocked.

I recommand to play this fun and challenging games by solving bunch of levels and gives the feeling of wanting more. People who loves to play tricky puzzle game will definetly going to play the game. Because I totally loved the game